Bad Kitty by Michele Jaffe

I have been trying to read this selection for several weeks. But it just isn’t working for me. It is almost a mystery story with lots of twists and turns that were not appealing. Maybe teenagers can relate to it but not many have even checked it out at this time. Here’s a brief summary of what I read: Jasmine, our hero, is in Las Vegas with her family. Things just happen to her and all she wants si to be left alone. Her twins cousins are the perfect pair leaving Jas to look like a clutz. Jas gets involved in a murder mystery. It reminds me of the oldies but goodies Nancy Drew series.

Dairy Queen- A Novel by Catherine G. Murdock

Have you ever thought of girls playing on the varsity football team? Read this story and you will discover that D. J. Schwenk gets to be a member of her high school football team. She is holding the family farm together by doing all the chores that are necessary on a dairy farm. Her father has been injured and her brothers are no longer home. Her mom teaches and is also the interim principal of the school. Her brothers were stars of the football team.
The idea of being a team member comes to her after she spends the summer training her school’s rival quarterback. She develops a crush on Brian which she finds out may be just his way of getting her to train him. It is also during this summer that she discovers her best friend is not what she seems to be. DJ is flabbergasted. Find out if she gets to play in the first game and why she and Amanda are no longer best buds. Pick up a copy from the library.

What Happened to Cass McBride by Gail Giles

Another thrilling plot unfolds in this novel. Cass McBride knows how to play the game. She has been well taught by her father. But when she scribbles a degrading poem about a nerdy boy who inadvertently discovers the poem under her friend’s desk and hangs himself in his front yard, she realizes that playing the game may not be the wisest move. Kyle, David’s brother, seeks revenge for the suicide by kidnapping Cass and burying her alive. He teases her relentlessly until she again plays the game and gets Kirby to realize that his mother, not Cass, was the real culprit in this story. (Their mother is disappointed in Kirby’s younger brother and never lets up on him.) Find out how Cass copes with all of this drama after she is unearthed.

Life As We Knew It by Susan Beth Pfeffer

One night, one event changed life for Miranda and her family. The entire Pennsylvania town anxiously waited for the event of the century: a meteor was going to hit the moon. All were excited up until it happened- not as predicted- the impact change the moon’s locality to earth. It changed everything for Miranda. Her mother was smart enough to get cash from the bank. She sends Miranda and her brother on missions to buy all they could so they could survive. Their whole universe was in chaos: floods, earthquakes, and volcanoes are ripping civilization apart. Gas prices are over $12 a gallon and gas is rationed. A simple flu epidemic kills many in the town. But the family becomes closer and very, very slowly and carefully things start to return to somewhat normal. Find out how Miranda, her mother and brothers survive the fall and winter. Pick up your copy today.

The Rules of Survival by Nancy Werlin

Matt Walsh has five rules for survival with the last one being to remember that the survivor gets to tell the story. His mother Nikki has a myraid of problems and uses any excuse to be cruel to him and his two sisters. Nikki brings different men home, leaves these children for two or even three days at a time, and blames them if anything goes wrong. When she meets Murdoch she tries to keep it together. But her new beau sees through her acting. When he leaves her she plots her revenge. Her sister lives in the same building as Matt and his “family” and together with Murdoch, Matt’s father Ben and the legal system they take custody of the children. But Matt knows she is out there somewhere probably planning and waiting.
This is a heart wrenching story of mental illness and revenge the reader cannot put down until the last curtain call of this drama ends. Pick up a copy today.

scrambled eggs at Midnight by Barkley & Hepler

The novel weaves a touching story of teenage love incorporating threads of family drama and interaction. Cal has moved from place to place with her mother who makes and sells quirky jewelry. They have settled in for a while at a small town in North Carolina to become part of the summer’s renaissance fair. Cal meets Eliot whose father has opened a religious camp for overweight children. They come to care for each other dearly secretly meeting at midnight and dining on scrambled eggs and bacon. Cal’s present world is turned upside down when her mother makes plans to leave and follow her new beau Phi to Arizona. Does Cal take a stand and fight to stay with Eliot? Will Eliot’s parents split up? His father wants to sell the camp to create and produce a religious TV show. His mom wants to stay put and get back into her former career as an architect. Pick up a copy today and find out how this tapestry of life comes together.

Avalon High by Meg Cabot

I just finished reading this story of the twists and turns in the life of Elaine Harrison when her family moves to Annapolis, Maryland. Ellie’s parents are professors of literature. Ellie’s father is conducting research for his book hence the need to relocate temporarily to Maryland. So Ellie becomes a member of the student body at Avalon High. Not all are who they seem to be. Mr. Morton, Ellie’s lit teacher, has assigned her to work with Will. Underneath the seeming regular high school stuff she finds out that her lit teacher is a member of the Order of the Bear. The Order of the Bear members await the return of King Arthur. Is Will the reincarnation of King Arthur? Mr. Morton thinks he is. Is Will’s brother going to murder him? Or will Ellie save them both? Is she the Lady of the Lake who helped King Arthur? Pick up a copy today and find out how the plot weaves in and out of reality. See who lives at the end.

Hit the Road by Caroline Cooney

Hit the Road by Caroline Cooney is a delightful story of adventure and the relationship between a grandmother and her granddaughter. Nannie tricks her 16 year-old granddaughter, Brit, to drive her and her friends to their 65th class reunion or so Brit thinks. In reality Nannie is trying to save her friend Aurelia from the vicious hooks of her son Aston who is trying to have her committed in order to get her property and money. Find out what happens when the law and the son catch up with the gang.

The Twenty

Each year the South Carolina Association of School Librarians nominate books in four different age-related categories for awards. Students vote on their favorites. This blog will have short descriptions of the twenty titles nominated in the Young Adult category for 2009. The winner is announced each year at the SCASL convention which is held in different locations around the state usually in March. Visit often as each booktalk is added to this blog.